LED Vision

  • ULA Group proudly partners with VuePix, a market leader in LED screen technology utilizing the highest quality and design standards for indoor and outdoor Video Screen Applications. The VuePix solutions include LED video screens, LED mesh, LED Billboards and LED Signage, making the VuePix range one of the most versatile and diverse on the market. Our close partnership with VuePix enables you to redefine the possibilities and customise LED video displays to your required specifications.

    Already installed in many stadiums and sporting arenas, and adopted by large rental houses for production and touring, the VuePix solutions offer unsurpassed versatility and quality.

  • About VuePix

    VuePix is a trademark of the ULA Group and is manufactured and designed by the ULA Group in its Asian facilities to produce World Class LED Video solutions. ULA's Global experience and market leading technology in the LED fields has put VuePix at the forefront of the Led Vision solutions being manufactured from the Asian region.

    The VuePix range of LED video solutions incorporates indoor and outdoor LED video screens and LED curtains, making this one of the most versatile LED video ranges on the market. VuePix is at the forefront of LED video technology, offering superior color depth and uniformity through their hand selected LED chips.

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  • About RGBlink

    RGBlink is Asia’s leading professional audio and video company. The company is dedicated to developing and building quality products. RBGlink develops and supports full color LED display controllers, mapping system solutions, broadcasting devices, conference and video wall controllers, projectors and much more.

    RGBlink has created a name for itself in the industry because of its products. The brand is internationally known for their video processors, converters, multiviewers, rack mount monitors and routers. RGBlink provides high-end quality video devices with built in software and hardware to meet its customers’ needs.

    RGBlink’s focus on quality control is present through all phases of development, manufacturing and verification processes. The company has strong partnerships that continue to grow the brand around the globe.

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  • About ArKaos

    ArKaos is a leading developer of real-time visual processing technologies. It develops visual synthesizers that allow the triggering and manipulation of still and video graphics in real-time.

    At the core of its products is the ArKaos Engine, which has been continuously refined over the years. It runs on both PC and Mac, and is essential to the superior performance of the ArKaos products. The ArKaos technology incorporates formats such as Windows Media Video, Quicktime, Shockwave Flash, MPEG and more.

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